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Snatch review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 9 November 2007 07:08 (A review of Snatch)

I really, really loved this one. Definitely has to go up there in my favourite films of all time - this is truly brilliant in every possible way.

At the start all the characters are introduced, and it's one of those movies where they all eventually come together. And in this film it's all over one diamond, everyone wants it. The characters are perfectly placed with the actors, all shown in depth about each character. There are parts in this that maybe aren't supposed to be the funny parts but I still laughed the whole way through.

Jason Statham again proves to have earned his place as one of my all time favourite actors, and again Brad Pitt aced his character and gave this film something no actor could have done, he certainly made this film a memorable one. If only Benico Del Toro stayed in the film for longer ..he really was brilliant for the time he was in this movie. Vinnie Jones was perfect again for his role. He was himself and it worked, I think I'll add him to my favourite actors now after this movie. Whoa, I'm running out of good words to describe this..

So if you haven't seen this already you really, really should. One of the funniest films ever made - this is not one to be missed.

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Unbreakable review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 9 November 2007 06:47 (A review of Unbreakable)

This one was definitely worth watching. Maybe I was a little harsh with the rating but I think it's what it deserved. The story is unique but some parts were just a little bit slow and boring.

A security guard, David Dunn, becomes the sole survivor from a train crash and is left without a scratch on his body. Pretty weird, but things get ever more strange when he is confronted by a stranger named Elijah Price. Elijah owns a comic book store and is determined to convince David tat he is a real life super hero.

It's another great thriller performance by Bruce Willis, and Samuel L Jackson just shows his amazing talent in this movie. The other acting was decent, nothing amazing there.

It was a pretty good movie, and if you're a Bruce Willis fan then I really recommend you see this, it was a strong performance from him. So if any time you're looking for a thriller with a surprising twist at the end, this is the one for you.

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Rounders review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 9 November 2007 06:33 (A review of Rounders)

I thought this was pretty decent. It does have two of my favourite actors so of course that made it more appealing to me, in fact that was the reason I picked this up in the first place. It can be a little slow I guess, and I can understand it could be boring for people who absolutely hate movies about poker. So that's the first thing - If you hate movies based around playing cards then do yourself a favour and don't waste your time. For me it was fine, I don't mind that at all.

Matt Damon looks really young in this flick, but he is himself and kind of relaxed playing this kind of character. Edward Norton was again amazing. I'm telling you this guy can ace any role, without him my rating would be a lot lower. Oh and John Malkovich was just brilliant, not the acting as such but more just his personality fitting well to the character.

A nice drama about poker that really should be seen by more people. It's oldish but worth watching if you don't mind these types of movies.

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Hot Fuzz review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 8 November 2007 08:52 (A review of Hot Fuzz)

One of the best films of the year in my opinion. It combines comedy with action and does it brilliantly. This is not one to be missed.

Sergeant Nicholas Angel gets transferred to a quite town of Sandford, where at first everything seems crime-related as the first night there he arrests a bunch of people. One of these them was Danny Butterman, his new partner and boss' son. It is only soon after Angel arrives that a series of murders occur and he is the only one in that village that is determined to find out who is responsible, as everyone else seems to think they are "accidents". So Angel and Danny team up and do all they can to find out who is responsible, delivering fantastic action scenes and hilarious lines.

Simon Pegg was brilliant in every possible way. His character was perfect for him and he just made it 100% better than anyone else could have done. Everything was just perfectly placed with an amazing script. The direction was superb, strange style but I really liked it. I'll definitely be checking out more of Edgar Wright's films. Please, if you haven't already - see this movie!

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10 Things I Hate About You review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 7 November 2007 07:36 (A review of 10 Things I Hate About You)

One of the best teenage romantic comedies out there today. And on, it's not just because it has Heath Ledger ..not that he looked bad at all =P

I guess you could say that the plot is kind of unoriginal. Only because there are so many teenage flicks like this, but this one really stood out for me. Basically a new guy comes to school and instantly falls for Bianca, a pretty and popular chick. But her father is overprotective and only agrees to let Bianca go out when her sister does. Only problem is, her sister, Kat, is not exactly as popular at school as Bianca. So the guy bribes a bad boy to go out with Kat so that he can be with Bianca.. but he's not the only one that wants Bianca. The ending is sweet, I guess predictable but it's a nice way to finish off this great movie. It's sad and beautiful, but a happy ending.

Heath Ledger - Wooooah what can I say? His looks are just as good as his acting skills, he perfected his character and he was probably the reason I got this in the first place. I was a little worried about Julia Stiles, she isn't exactly my favorite actor. Luckily I saw this movie so I no longer have to hate her; she's actually quite a good actor. The others were all excellent, no stand out's apart from those two though.

Most people have seen this already, probably 90% of people. But if you are unlucky and in that 1% then please, do yourself a favor and go watch this!

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Gladiator review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 4 November 2007 01:38 (A review of Gladiator)

One of the most amazing movies ever. That's it, this movie is just brilliant. It took me a while to actually watch the whole thing, but I am so glad I did.

Luckily this was so successful that many people have already seen this, and most of them have given this a great rating. It probably deserves 5 stars, but for not I think I'll give it 4.5. But If I watch it again I'm certain that I'll make my rating higher.

Just the atmosphere that this movie creates is unreal; the fighting scenes are spectacular and the more serious scenes are acted brilliantly. And I have Russell Crowe to thank for that, he truly is amazing. And Joaquin Phoenix was the perfect villain, I can't imagine anyone playing the role better than he did.

The ending is beautiful in itself, this is definitely one of Ridley Scott's best films. If you were like me and haven't seen this yet, you know you should. And I would be really surprised if you don't like this movie masterpiece.

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The Dog Problem review

Posted : 14 years, 10 months ago on 4 November 2007 12:13 (A review of The Dog Problem)

By reading the plot this movie seems as though it might aim to be a comedy, and though this film might have those moments when you laugh or smile, it really isn't a comedy movie. So that's the first thing - if you end up watching this have an open mind and don't expect a comedy because you won't get one.

The movie basically is about this author, Solo, who decides to get a dog that might help him become more comfortable and help him to write easier. But it turns out that everyone wants this dog, and there are people willing to pay good money for him but Solo realises he needs this dog and that he is beginning to like him a lot more. So the plot is basically that everyone wants his dog. Not too bad actually, and he falls in love with a girl he met at the dog park just to top things off.

If it took more of a funny side to the story it might have been more successful, but this was still just as watchable and entertaining. Giovanni Ribisi was brilliant. He is a star and still not well known by many people, he did a fantastic job as the lead role. And director Scott Caan also stared in this movie, and it worked. He was himself I guess and it went with the movie perfectly.

It's not exactly the best movie in the world as you can see by my rating, but still worth watching. Check it out sometime if you are a fan of any of the actors, but as I said, this was maybe more of a drama than comedy.

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25th Hour review

Posted : 14 years, 11 months ago on 1 November 2007 07:02 (A review of 25th Hour)

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. This movie was made to perfection and I enjoyed watching it from start to finish.

Edward Norton plays a drug dealer named Monty Brogan who has just been caught with dugs at his house and it about to serve a seven year jail sentence. This movie shows how he spends his last hours of freedom and who he chooses to trust when it comes to who was part of getting him arrested in the first place. Even the closest people he knows could be involved, but it's all about his last night and wondering whether o not he will eve survive being locked away for that long.

Once again, not to my surprise Edward Norton was 100% amazing in this film. He perfected his character, showed great emotion and couldn't have possibly been any better for his role in this film. All the character development is outstanding, and the cast was just about perfect for the characters. Brian Cox I thought was just as great for his part, the emotion from him being brilliant. Philip Seymour Hoffman couldn't have been much better either, his part seemed smaller than the others but really it just wouldn't have been the same without him. And Barry Pepper? I honestly can't remember seeing him in any other films before, but he is a fantastic actor and I really should check out some of his other films. Rosario Dawson was okay. Nothing at all wrong with her acting I've just never really liked he films. I guess this one made me like her a bit more though; she is quite a good actress.

The ending was brilliant in every possible way. I couldn't think of a better way to end this movie, it may seem a little bit confusing but once you know what happens you're just left with a good feeling that stays with you long after the movie. This movie is one in a million, there's nothing quite like it that Iโ€™ve seen before. Maybe it even deserves five stars, but for the moment Iโ€™ll stick with 4.5. You really, really, really should see this!

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Mulan review

Posted : 14 years, 11 months ago on 31 October 2007 08:45 (A review of Mulan)

I'm not sure why I didn't love it as much as some people did, it just didn't quite get there for me. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, I really did. It's just not exactly the best Disney film.

A young girl, Mulan, is faced with her father having to defend his county and fight in the war. This is happening all over China, one man from each family would be sent to go to war. Mulan doesn't find this fair at all, her father had to serve in the war before and surely this time he would die helping the county and his family. So Mulan cuts her hair and puts her fatherโ€™s armor on and rides off to join the army in his place. So she has to make sure that everyone thinks that she is a boy, and with the help of a small dragon she improves her sword fighting skills and becomes more like the man she is hoping to be seen as.

As the movie goes on, we are shown how brave and courageous the character is for facing he fears. There were no stand out voices but Eddie Murphy played his part to perfection and had some funny lines. His character made the movie a lot more entertaining to say the least.

It's a Disney movie, so everyone should see this. Well, unless you hate Disney movies.. Anyway, this is one for the whole family!

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The Big Hit review

Posted : 14 years, 11 months ago on 31 October 2007 08:27 (A review of The Big Hit)

This was a fully awesome movie. Finally a movie worth watching that is entertaining from start to finish.

The movie is all about a successful young hit man who kills for a living - it's the only thing he's good at. He and his three teammates decide to kidnap the daughter of a rich businessman to earn some extra cash. What they don't know is that he is bankrupt, and that the girl is their boss's goddaughter. So their boss as you can imagine is furious, and one of the kidnappers is called to help him track down responsible, so they have to look innocent and track down their teammates and kill them with no choice if they want to stay alive themselves. Meanwhile the kidnappers have no idea what is happening, and the hit man falls in love with the kidnapping victim, changing the job for everyone.

I thought this storyline was original and hilarious. It could have worked if it took a more serious side and made things less of a joke, it still would have been just as good. It is a pretty action packed movie though, if you like big explosions and car chases then this won't disappoint you. It's not really intense because of the comedy and funny lines; it can make the most serious things in the movie quite funny.

Mark Wahlberg was the reason I picked this up in the first place, and as I expected he was fantastic as he always is. He is a great action movie star, not too bad looking and extremely talented. Two thumbs up for him. The other casting choices were perfect for the roles they played. Apart from a few exceptions there was nothing wrong with the cast. I especially enjoyed seeing Lou Diamond Phillips in this movie; he made the whole thing more entertaining.

I can't really figure out what would have made this movie better. It deserves the 3.5 stars and maybe even more.. perhaps if they made some of the scenes a bit more serious and believable? This is still a great comedy/action flick that I imagine you could watch over and over again. If you haven't seen this already - you should really see this!

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