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Not that Great

Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:14 (A review of Shark Tale)

Well, this must have been a while ago when i saw this, cause i can't remember one bit what its about! By the sound of it it was a good cast, awesome charatcter personalities.

But as i can remember i found it quite disappionting and not really worth seeing. I would consider seeing it again so i can remember what its like, but pretty sure i wouldnt like it if i did. The great thing about this movie though, 'Car Wash'. The song, haha, i remember that. Classic.

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:13 (A review of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006))

Okay..i didnt really like it but some parts were enjoyable and funny. It was good because its nearly christmas, but i wouldn't recommend seeig this movie expecially not around xmas time.

Tim Allen as Santa Clause-hrmmm, a weird combination but it kind of works. I liked Jack Frost, he was great, woo Martin Short! Funny guy! =)

Sort of a too predictable "happy ending" though, everything just has to be right. I have seen the other ones (one and two) ages ago so i dont know which one i enjoyed the most, but the original might be the best. "I INVENTED CHILL!"

A good family movie, like i said before, expecially around xmas time. Even though i only gave it 6/10, still pretty funny lines and acting in it.

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:10 (A review of Madagascar)

I've seen this a billion times before as far as I can remember, its average but has its funny moments. It was interesting seeing Ben Stiller and Chris Rock together for the voices in this film. It worked, just very strange..

Basically all you need to know about this movie is that it is enjoyed a lot more by kids, the storyline is pretty funny but average, the cast was excellent choice and ofcourse Sacha Bohen Cohen was hillarious as always.

I recommend you see this for a laugh, nothing more.
I like to move it move it, he likes to... MOVE IT!

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:09 (A review of The Holiday)

Yep, It was a pretty good movie i have to admit.. Its a romance, and i don't normally enjoy romance movies.. but this was very entertaining! It was also sad.. but overall very moving and sweet.

Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet - With this all-star cast it has to be good.. and it is! Especially Jude Law made it great.. I recommend everyone goes and see's this! Entertainment for a rainy day :)

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Fantastic :D

Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:06 (A review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)

what can i say? it was Fantastic!

This movie satisfied all my wants from a movie. Action, romance and comedy. Believe it or not, there were some hillarious parts in this!
Just to mention one: "You wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night and find out your girlfriend died from a rock slide"
Buuut to be honest they could have made the plot better. Yeah yeah yeah, there has to be some world threating disaster where the fantastic four have to save the world once again and work together. But honestly the problem could have been better. Although i loved the silver surfer! :D

To me i have a mixture of feelings towards the acting in this movie.
Chris Evans was great! good looking, immature brother to jessica alba's character!
Jessica, on the other hand, was a little disappiontment. She just didnt seem right for the part. I dunno. Maybe its just me, yess shes not that bad looking but seriously on the acting side of things itn was a disappointment.
Ioan Gruffudd once again fantastic job! amazing actor! although i don't really know how his looks got Jessica Alba in the movie ... hmm ... lol
Just want to mention someone else not in the fantastic four, Julian McMahon, as Von Doom. He's great! I dont think i've seen him in any other movies but yeeeew great acting from him!

I still don't know which of the two is my favourite, from the top of my head i would say the first, but then again i havnt seen that in ages!

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:05 (A review of Jackass: Number Two)

Ok, strange, I liked it but at the same time i didn't.

Its different from the first one, in my opinion. There's still loads of funny things in it, but more stupid stunts too. The Grandpa and Grandma stuff it freaking hilarious though, gotta love that!

There's just a few things i didn't like though-leech in the eye, fart mask, fishing for the sharks....yeah i think you get the point.

Don't get me wrong though - I love Jackass, but just not this movie. If you haven't seen the first movie, don't see this one because it might put you off seeing the first one, which i think is way better.
But if you are a jackass fan, go for your life! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I absolutely LOVE Johnny Knoxville and Bam Magera, BRING ON THE THIRD ONE!

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:04 (A review of The Wicker Man)

I actually really enjoyed it!
Not one of my favourite movies ofcourse, buut one of the best i've seen in a while.

Its a horror, but really not that scary. I have to admit some things 'freaked me out' but didnt really scare me.
This is a good thing, because horror really isnt my type of movie.
I s'pose the plot is a bit confusing at times, but then again its supposed to be a little weird so you have no idea whats going to happen.
I wont say what, but the ending is really stupid. Well, actually, now i think about it, it was a good ending for the movie. I mean, not all movies have to have a 'happily-ever-after' ending, but this one is unsatisfactory and leaves you more sad than happy.

Nicholas Cage was the only actor I had heard of before, even though he isnt very good at least there was a familiar face. If he wasnt in it then i wouldn't have seen the movie in the first place ...
A couple of the other actors (i can't name names) werent that good in my opinion ...

Not 10/10, but certainly worth seeing.

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Very Entertaining

Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:02 (A review of Back to the Future Part II)

Great movie! Very old but amazingly great effects for such an old movie..

Much better than the frst one, and i like it how the story from the first one comes into this..very interesting.

I kind of want to see the third one, but they might blow it, i'm not too sure...

Christopher Lloyd was the perfect mad "doc", as was Michael J. Fox perfect for his role! Outrageously Funny, Absolute Genious, and Fantastic storyline...a great movie for everyone.

Really should see it!

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Funny As Hell

Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 06:00 (A review of The Hot Chick)

Funny as hell. It kinda reminds me of 'Clueless' aswell as 'Freaky Friday'. Great actors for the roles, and the storyline is awesome too. I would recommend it, but for some people this may not be their type of movie.

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Posted : 15 years ago on 21 September 2007 05:57 (A review of Blades of Glory)

You cant get much better than this. Will Ferrel and Jon Heder were perfect together for their hillarious roles in this movie. Very Cheesy, i must admit, but there were some classic moments in this!

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